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Bliz Tracker Ozon Sunglasses Description

Tracker Ozon’s unique frame shape, personalization and versatility make it as likely to be worn while Alpine Touring or Trail running, as to be worn while relaxing at a sidewalk cafe, or at the beach. The Ozon takes the best of Bliz’s award winning Tracker; its removable Jaw Bone, click-in goggle type head band, and soft, infinitely adjustable nosepieces and temples for perfect ventilated fit and personalization and adds a taller lens and frame plus Jaw Bone wings while keeping its distinctive flatter frame look. Use Tracker with Jaw Bone for full frame look or without Jaw Bone for 1/2 frame personalization depending on your taste. Tracker Ozone can be had with bright light and a low light Perfect Curve lens kits, a Gold Polarized lens, or the Universal ULS lens and weighs only 31 grams.

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As well, the product-range from the well-known allows you to find the Bliz Tracker Ozon Sunglasses to each taste together with budget (both cheap as well as premium-class) assembly the highest expectations.


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